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Surf-Specific Balance Training

Surfing belongs to one of the few types of sports which demand all aspects of physical fitness: - Condition – Strengths – Flexibility – Coordination – Balance – Proprioception.

Regular training at the gym enhances your condition as well as strengths whereas yoga helps to develop a distinctive sense of flexibility. However, in order to achieve coordination, balance and proprioception, surf-specific training is necessary.

In the last decade scientists began to reevaluate the way how to prepare for a specific kind of sport. Past training sessions consisted of isolated exercises which strengthened the muscles necessary for a specific type of sport. According to the research movement, traditional training adds little value to the enhancement of sport-specific skills. Nowadays, sport coaches are using the “Dynamic Pattern Theory” of motor learning, which claims that the brain is more efficient in memorizing movement patterns opposed to muscular isolation.

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One example is the leg extension machine: those movements are not at all similar to the ones used while surfing. A squat in the position of a surfer on a Wonkyboard (balance board), however, is very similar to the movement used while surfing and thus, it represents a more efficient way of enhancing surf-specific skills.

Surfing requires three different types of balance:
Dynamic Balance is the balance in motion. This is in sharp contrast to the body postures used in yoga classes.
Anticipatory Balance means anticipating the next pattern of waves and to prepare accordingly.
Transitional Balance is required for movement fluidity. (the Flow)

Surfers Balance

When choosing a balance trainer, it is of utmost importance to decide for one which incorporates all three types of balance.
Due to its unique functioning (it can tilt edgeways and change direction through edge load) and the diversity of surf-specific training opportunities, the Wonkyboard incorporates all three types of balance.
The Wonkyboard teaches balance, coordination, proprioception, leg strength, mobility, and improves general physical fitness. The Wonkyboard not only increases the effectiveness of any training, but it also increases force potential and significantly decreases the possibility of the injury. This makes the Wonkyboard an extraordinarily versatile training device.