wonkyboard balance board

Wonkyboard Balance Board, Balance Trainer

Skate, Skate Brown Edition

This board is about 76cm long, 21cm wide and features a 25cm roll (12cm diameter)
The board features fantastic turning characteristics. A versatile and agile training device with high potential of trick options. Snowboard heel turn and toe turn you can be trained very well with this board. (comes with clear grip)

:: ideal for snowboard balance training
:: quick turns
:: high potential of trick options

Skate: Price: € 129.- plus € 22 .- shipping (EU)

Skate Brown Edition: Price: € 129.- plus € 22 .- shipping (EU)

Delivery: 2-3 days

Board Carpet:

Size: 90cm x 150cm, non-slip, ideal for balancing, Price: € 25.-

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